Initial Consultation:                                                    £    Free


Lease Extension Report & Valuation:                      £    295  00          Please click this link.



Lease Extension Report & Valuation

including negotiating with Freeholder:                   £   395  00          Please click this link.

                                                                                          Plus 10% of the saving between the Freeholder's counter-offer and the                                                                                               price that is finally agreed.



                                                             Freeholder's counter-offer                           £  15,860

                                                             Price finally agreed                                             12,430

                                                             SAVING:                                                          £     3,430


                                                             Success fee:                               £  3,430 x 10%  =  £343  00




If it is necessary for us to represent you at the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal, we will need to prepare a more detailed report. This will involve additional costs, which we will discuss fully with you at the time.

The above fees are not applicable to apartments located in prime, central London, where we will be happy to quote on individual bases.